Benefits of Childcare

There are a number of benefits to using childcare services, whether you are looking for childcare in the form of a crèche, childminder, nanny, nursery school, or playgroup. Each of these types of childcare has its advantages, and here we tell you what they are:


The most common reason for people seeking childcare services is so they can return to full time employment, and the most comprehensive form of childcare in this respect is to hire a nanny or childminder. A qualified nanny can care for your children, whatever their ages, for the entire time you are at work, and they should also be flexible enough to change their hours should you have an early or late meeting, conference day, etc. If you have children of school age then the services of a childminder may be sufficient as they would be able to take and collect your children from school and look after them until you get home. Childminders should also be flexible in case you have to change your working hours.

Day nurseries/preschools

When you leave your child in the care of another adult the issue of safety is certainly one that is prominent in most parents' minds. But if you choose to enrol your child in a day nursery or preschool then you can be sure the staff are qualified to look after children, and the building, facilities and toys meet OFSTED safety standards.

Along with the safety advantage, day nurseries also provide full day childcare while you work, and most also offer flexible hours should you wish to only enrol your child on a part-time basis. Most day nurseries also stay open during school holidays and on bank holidays so finding someone to look after your little one during these times shouldn't be a problem. In addition to all this, attending a nursery from an early age will help your child's social development because they will get the chance to interact with children of similar ages.

Out-of-school clubs

These days a growing number of primary schools are opening up out-of-school, or after-school clubs where your child can be looked after until you finish work. The benefits of these clubs are that they provide a fun and educational environment for your child and are run by trained professionals, sometimes teachers, so you know your child is safe. In addition, your child will be able to play with their own school friends, which is great fun for them and will boost their social skills.